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Sod Installation in Maryland

Did you just purchase a new home or move your business into a new building? The yard might be nothing more than a vast expanse of dirt. Change this quickly with correctly timed sod installation.

Spring is the best time of year to lay sod, so the lawn has a chance to become established before the summer heat arrives. Who better to professionally lay your sod than Palmar Landscaping? Our team has the knowledge and expertise to transform your property with a layer of fresh sod.

To schedule a free sod installation consultation in Maryland or Washington, DC, please contact Palmar Landscaping today!

Benefits of Sod vs. Seeding

Sod costs more per square foot than grass seed, but with all the extra benefits, sod could certainly be worth it. Here’s what to expect:

  • An instantly lush lawn without the fuss: Planting grass seed comes with a high risk. Blustery winds could blow seeds away, heavy rains could drown them, and high temperatures could scorch them. Sod is a dense carpet of established grass you can lay down for an instantly beautiful yard with a lower risk of brown patches ever developing.
  • Lower irrigation costs: Seeded areas demand careful irrigation, with four or more watering sessions required daily to keep the soil moist without washing the seeds away. This is time-consuming and expensive, counteracting some of the savings you get when choosing seeds over sod. On the other hand, you only need to water sod twice a day, which is more convenient and less costly.
  • Ready faster: If you don’t have the patience to wait months for seeds to turn into lush grass, sod is definitely the right choice for you. You’ll still need to restrict using your lawn to light activity for the first four to six weeks, but this is much more reasonable than completely staying off seeded soil for months.

Why Seek Professional Sod Installation?

There’s always the option to buy sod and install it yourself, but we recommend professional sod installation for these reasons:

  • Quality sod: When you hire a professional to lay your sod, you know the rolls are sourced from a quality sod farm. This ensures the grass is healthy and weed-free when it arrives, increasing the chance of a successful transplant and beautiful lawn.
  • Expert soil preparation: No matter how good your sod is, it won’t take root in poor-quality soil. It’s best to leave soil preparation to the experts, who will ensure your lawn is de-compacted, smoothed out, free of debris, and ready to facilitate grass growth.
  • Professional sod laying: This is the final step in the sod installation process. Experienced sod layers ensure a seamless field with no visible gaps. This gives the illusion that your lawn has been established for years, creating instant beauty for your property, which seeds take months to mimic.

Call Palmar Landscaping for a Free Sod Installation Quote

No matter the size of your project, we can provide the sod installation services you need. Then, if you want to have the rest of your landscape professionally designed and constructed, we have you covered! Our comprehensive landscaping services grant you the convenience of working with one company for your entire project.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of sod installation performed by a professional, please contact Palmar Landscaping online or call us at 301-684-8130. We lay sod for commercial and residential customers in Maryland and Washington, DC.

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